Garcinia Cambogia Extract Provides Powerful Fat Burning

nhassistive-garciniaBy now the name of Dr. Oz is associated with analysis of products and what they purport to do. Dr Oz give and unbiased approach to help the laymen shuffle through the large amount of hype and propaganda that is at the front of diet nutrition. His latest product of scrutiny is a diet called the super fruit diet, which makes use of the extremely powerful garcinia cambogia extract. He gives the product manufactures by New Life Botanicals a very good review and praises it for its all natural ingredients and the effectiveness of each of the natural ingredient.

Besides the pure garcinia cambogia found on Amazon, this formula also includes Green Coffee Bean Extract which he hails for its fat burning and metabolism boosting effect. The Dr. Oz show hosted by Dr. Oz suggests that Green Coffee Bean Extract and the other ingredients included in this formula work together to create a very powerful diet product. People all over the country are giving the product high praise so it was no wonder that Dr. Oz took a closer look at this wonderful product.

While Green Coffee Bean Extract is not a fruit it works with super fruit combination from the Acia Berry, African Mango, and now includes Raspberry Ketone. Each have unique properties and interact with the other to create a very powerful synergistic effect. The formula is called SDF-3 which is bring a revolution to the diet industry. Raspberry Ketone is the most recent add is purported by Dr. Oz to have unique fat burning qualities.

Raspberry Ketone has the unique ability to cause increased fat burn on any type of body and transcends the tough body types that seem to hold fat no matter what. African Mango is known for it appetite suppression effect and controls the hunger mechanism in the body. The combination of these product is hailed by Dr. Oz as possibly the best natural diet combination product yet to be sold in the industry. Each product involved works together to build a diet product that burns fat like crazy and gives people the self control and metabolism that lends to success.

Watching the Dr. Oz show can help differentiate the truth from the fiction and can help deliver solid information. With a dramatic suppression in food craving as stated by Dr. oz it is no wonder that it works so well. When it comes to diet products one has to be very careful not to just be a marketing victim. Dr. Oz is a light in a sea of darkness and the SDF-3 super fruit diet by New Life Botanicals is a clear superior product in the diet industry.